About APn


The Afghan Professionals network (APn) is a group of professional Afghans who have come together with a mission to use their professional knowledge, education, and enthusiasm to help contribute to a more informed, connected, and empowered global Afghan community. The group hopes to create a global network of like-minded Afghans. APn is not-for-profit and has no political affiliations.

To achieve this mission, the specific aims of APn are twofold:

  1. To enhance the career development of Afghan professionals; and
  2. To make a positive contribution to the Afghan community by channelling the collective knowledge, experience, and expertise of APn’s professional body of members towards the Afghan community.


The objectives of APn are:

  1. To organise events and co-ordinate activities or projects with the aim of facilitating the career enhancement of Afghan professionals. This shall comprise, amongst other things, the encouragement and active facilitation of knowledge-sharing and networking amidst Afghan professionals.
  2. To organise events and co-ordinate activities or projects with the aim of making a positive contribution to the Afghan community. This shall comprise, amongst other things, the implementation of practical community service activities, particularly in the areas of education, social welfare and social development.


To achieve these aims and objectives, the group will take on a number of different activities, including events, community service and charity fundraising projects, publishing, and mentoring. Examples of such activities include hosting informative networking sessions on professional development for graduates; organizing fundraising for community service projects in Afghanistan; publishing informative articles on relevant topics in various professional fields such as health and law; and providing guidance and mentoring to young professionals in Afghanistan.

We value tolerance, unity, solidarity, mutual respect, diversity and the collective power of working together. We believe education, awareness, and knowledge are keys to unlocking a better future for Afghanistan. We aim to reflect and uphold these values and beliefs in all activities we pursue.

The APn is an independent non-profit organisation funded by the donations of its members. 

Help us keep it going. Donate as little as £1. Every little helps.